Monday, 2 April 2012

paranormal popular.

Why is paranormal/supernatural genre so popular, think of TV programmes such as Grimm and Once upon a Time and vampire series' such as True blood. The stories are all really familiar genres turned on their head. Grimm is really a police procedural and Once upon a Time really a fairy tail good and evil conflict and True Blood, really traditional romance with an erotic supernatural twist. The genre can accomodate nice cosy and familiar ideas ,but adds another dimension giving the whole thing a much more contemporary feel. It is that contemporary feel that means that new audiences can enjoy traditional genre anew and also means that new writers do not need to compete with the greats who still preserve there legendary status in their fields. So the author that manages to mix the old with the new is really just expanding the colours in the pallet whilst still painting a great picture. Belle Marsh writes rural mysteries in the vane of Agatha Christie, but no one can compete with such illustrious company she is the best, so Belle but merges this with a vampire element making for a contemporary new feel to an age old genre.

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