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  1. Hi Declan, we have linked up on Twitter, although so new to it I've probably been doing it all wrong. My ebook is coming out late June and I wondered if I could put its cover and synopsis on your page, in return you put yours on my new blog? My blog is doing nothing and going nowhere at the moment because it is brand new, so not much of a bargain for you! But I am working on links and things, and trying to make it better. Best regards... Gil Brailey

    1. Hi Gil, check out my blog for tips onto how to improve your twitter profile. join me on facebook under Declan Munro and we can chat better. Tell me a bit about your book and send me some blurb happy to do reciprocal publicity.

  2. Hi,
    This is Matt Ryan author of "Drasmyr". Just a note to let you know that I included a snippet from your review of my book on my page and linked back to your site. Thanks for your time.