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Belle writes mysteries with a twist. A new genre? VAMPIRES are here! The traditional English village murder mystery with BITE!

Belle writes in the UK and has two cats who are a great inspiration for vampires, particularly when they find a tasty mouse!

Lavinia Cusworth and Jimmy Kaelly are vampire investigators trying to solve the murder of a rich American savagely slaughtered with a Sabatier knife in his hospital bed. But is there a link to their 1920's past.  Now vampires in present day England they encounter a web of lies, deceit and the supernatural in their pursuit of the killer, where the suspect may or may not be a vampire? The hunt is on!

Set in the rural setting of The Hoxton's a group of quaint English villages. This Hoxton Kirby Cusworth and Kaelly novel will form part of a series and Belle's second book is already in production.
US book
UK book

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