Saturday, 17 August 2013



What happens to a class when a cruel psychopath is released into its midst. Pia Lindsey is back!

"Raine glanced at Pia “Do you want to know what my surprise is now?” She said. Pia felt herself shift under the steady gaze. It was disconcerting. Raine seemed somehow much more in control now.

“What!” demanded Pia.

“I’ve killed Mr Dalziel,” she said in a low whisper.

Pia let out a startled snort of a laugh. "Don’t be ridiculous you couldn’t have.”

Raine gestured to the egg.  “We’re alike remember.”

Pia gripped Raine by the arm and hauled her out of the classroom. The others looked on through the glass door.

“What do you mean? He’s gone to visit his sick mother, that’s what they’re saying in the staffroom.”

“You told me you wanted him dealt with, I’ve dealt with him. Artfully, just as you suggested and I must say I did get a frisson out of it. I think those books did the trick. Have you ever killed before Ms Ashton?”  THAT MAY BE THE FATAL QUESTION.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Brill Website for #readers and #writers

We would like to big-up a fabulous website that we have discovered called Write to Done. It is full of fab information on how to traverse the rocky road to writing and publishing a book as successfully as possible by reinvigorating your creative talent.

The most recent article on the site is The first 7 Steps to a successful Media Plan for Writers. I do not think one can thump on long enough about the necessity of keeping engaged with readers. As a direct example, the last six weeks or so have had to be devoted to essential personal issues, not least dealing with my dicky back a permanent fixture I'm afraid.(I am planning an article dealing with chronic pain soon). Because I have not been able to be on top of promotion, I have seen a direct drop off in sales. Interesting huh?

Getting back to WritetoDone. The most valuable thing I havetaken away from this website has been the free book that can be downloaded directly from them. It is called The Nearly Ultimate Guide to Better Writing complied by Mary Jaksch. I cannot recommend it highly enough as a motivational tool for writers. It is especially useful when feeling a little jaded.

I found most of the articles useful, however, dipping into the book, I was very impressed with Write to Serve: Giving Deeper Purpose to Your Craft (Barrie Davenport) and Why You Should Stop Waiting for Inspiration by Kat Eden and Recover From Writing Burnout; 18 Tips for Writing with Gusto by Tess Marshall. However, almost all the content is interesting, dynamic and inspiring.

For me reading books on editing, social media strategies and writing technique is all very useful, however, sometimes you need a book that will simply blow your mind and fill it with energy and verve, this book did it for me. I have been feeling somewhat low due to back pain. I have not been in the right frame of mind to write. Sitting has been extremely painful. This book has given me a good kick where it hurts and reminded me that writing is a painful business anyway so I may as well just get on with it!

Belle Marsh (c) 2012 (also published on our sister site

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Belle Marsh talks poetry

I think there is always a need for something of beauty in our lives. Something to enlighten, brighten up the day, raise questions or just for plain fun. Poetry enables a quick emotional tour into thoughts and ideas that make us question life, love and friendship.

I wrote From Behind the Mind from that perspective. It is about everyones journey toward self enlightenment and understanding, without being too heavy.

A comforting book, a questioning book and above all a book about the choices we make in our journey to self discovery. Here I have posted two of my poems, not in the book, so that the book comes fresh to the reader.

 Ms Money Penny

I am a keeper
I don't do he's not that into me
I'm not interested in flaky excuses
If you do not phone me
I'll to do the same thing twice
I have no time for the sort of men
Who aren't very nice
don't bother with that
Easy easy gleamed eye'd smile
it doesn't work on me
you can try it on other women
It's some people's cup of tea
because I am a keeper
I can wait and wait
I've seen your type come and go
their masculine allure abate
When your fat, still trying your moves
Pathetic as you pull
I'll have the kids, security
and you will be the fool
Play around and waste your time
Leave hearts shattered, broken
I care not for your company
That's why we haven't spoken

My cat

I love my cat,
Furry velvet patty pat
Brush me gently
Just like that
Pat, pat, patty, patty pat
Purry whirry sleepy cat
Paddy paws, tummy fat
Tatty, matty, latte cat
Silky paws, sat on mat
Milky whiskers, mices scat
Fatty, natty, catty cat
Silent, shifting pretty cat
Disappears, just like that