Saturday, 30 June 2012

Urgent Indie Writer this might be seriousl #writers

Guys just found James Herberts Fluke ln Amazon kindle for 20p and it is No 1 in kindle Now via KDP the least an indie can sell for appears to be 75p now that means that there may now be a different playing field on pricing. Is this correct can anyone let us know what is happening with Amazon and how a KDP member can strike the same deal? We would be pleased. If any authors have become aware of this or are able via their publishers to do 20p promotions on Amazon. Update. I have written to KDP and will update you all whan I get a response. I have been surprised that not too many people have responded to this post. That may be to do with reach. However and the fact that so much material comes out end and beginning of month. check the top 100 kindle the big publishers have followed suit and are launching big name books for 20p all over the place. Can we Indies compete? I wonder?

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