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19 June Virtual Tour Invitation:  No Remorse by Ian Walkley   Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a virtual blurb blitz book tour for No Remorse by Ian Walkley, a action/thriller available now from Marq Books. The tour will run June 18 - 22, 2012 and we are hosting it on 19 June. we are looking forward to a good chat and exchanging views with this great author.HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.


Two men, exiles from their respective societies, take conflicting approaches in the quest to regain their place and self-respect, and find themselves at war over a kidnapped girl.

Lee McCloud (“Mac”), a special forces soldier facing trumped-up charges of murder, is forced to work for a mysterious government outfit operating outside the law.

Khalid Yubani, cast out of Saudi Arabia for an offence against another member of the Royal family, seeks revenge through ruthless acts of evil. Engaged in the worst forms of human trafficking, Khalid buys Sophia, the daughter of Mac’s best friend, who has been kidnapped in Mexico. With time running out for Sophia, Mac enlists the help of a beautiful computer genius, a British SAS soldier and a Lebanese fixer to try to find Sophia and save her from the terrifying fate that Khalid has in store.

Although starting the quest as a man with no remorse, Mac gradually discovers a side of himself that he suppressed after witnessing the abduction of his own sister years before.

Dodging assassins, corrupt generals, evil medicos, Mossad agents, corrupt bureaucrats, and sharks, Mac ignores the order to stay out of trouble and follows Sophia’s trail from Mexico to Paris, London and Dubai, and the island of Andaran, where Khalid and his henchmen are waiting…


The girls’ fathers, Bob and Marvin, each carried a briefcase full of cash with a tiny GPS tracker hidden in a false bottom. They were both taller than the kidnappers, and through the scope Mac could read the pain on Bob’s face. The behavior of the kidnappers was still bothering him, but there was nothing he could do except watch. The leader held out his palm and waved his pistol like it was a flag. He addressed the fathers in accented English.

“You’re late. We think perhaps you do not want your daughters back, eh?”

“Sorry,” Bob said, his breathing short and sharp. “We took a wrong turn coming into the dam. The signs were confusing.”

The man grunted and glanced at the one with the knife. “Check them.”

Knife Man patted them down, searched their pockets, nodded the all clear.

“You have our money?”

“Of course.” Bob’s voice came through deep and confident in his earpiece, although the armpits of his shirt betrayed his anxiety. Be courteous but strong, Mac had advised him, otherwise they won’t respect you. Being a basketball coach undoubtedly helped. “And you have our daughters,” Bob said. A statement, not a question. He held out the briefcase. “Here’s the money. We didn’t contact the police.”

Several kidnappers gave a hearty laugh.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ian Walkley has had a career in social and market research, and has been writing novels, short stories, travel articles and copywriting since 2008. He has co-authored two publications on small business and his first novel, No Remorse, was published in 2012. Ian's screenplay "Deniable Justice" placed fourth in the Writer’s Digest 2011 Competition for best screenplay. Ian has travelled extensively and researched his subject, and brings a knowledge of location and technical detail to the exotic settings and big screen thrills. Ian lives in Brisbane with his wife and three children.


No Remorse is set in a sort of Ian Fleming concoction of the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Lee `Mac' McCloud, takes you on a high action thrill ride that leads you into a world of terror, mystery and romance. The main character Mac is on a mission to rescue his pal's daughter who has been abducted by human traffickers. It is familiar territory but that is the point.  Think 'Taken' the movie. It is genre fiction in that sense. The book is a great page turner and there is plenty of excitement to keep the pace moving.
Is it a blokey book? Depends on your view? Certainly there is violence, some sexual scenes which might avert the sensitive and it is not for the easily offended or politically correct. But then neither is say a writer like Fleming. It is just fast paced story telling and any nationality could be the baddy; point being there are goodies and baddies. With plenty in store as a page turner and a neat ending.
One for a quick read as if you were watching the movie. I felt the best way to view this book was not to be judgemental, it is what it is, I did not try to read too much into it anymore than I did when I watched the film Taken with Liam Neeson kicking butt.

I give it a hearty four stars. It is not high art, nor does it bear too much analysis. Enjoy it for what it is and it is a stonking good read. ****


  1. Thanks for hosting me and No Remorse today. And thank you for the great review. I actually wrote No Remorse to be a page turning entertainment, so your concluding comments are spot on. Female readers are telling me that they have given it to their husband who has not read fiction for years, and they loved it. If I can help bring men back to reading fiction again, then I'm very happy. Cheers, Ian Walkley.

  2. totally agree it is high time men got in on the action, but also I am pretty sure that for example the generation of actioners male or female will really enjoy it. I hope we get lots of views today.

  3. Replies
    1. delighted it makes my blog loads more interesting and not all me, me, me. Lol

  4. Hey ... it's not just men who love this stuff. I'm a huge Ludlum fan and this sounds along those lines. Will have to check it out. SO glad to have found you!

    1. Thanks Mysti. I agree, in fact half my readers are women, many are fans of Lee Child. What they enjoy is the complexity of the plot, and the fact you can't predict what's going to happen next. Check out the reviews on Amazon, and you'll see people (and the authority Kirkus Reviews) have given No Remorse a great rap. Cheers, Ian.

  5. Well most of the men I know read fantasy novels, but they do read!

    Does Khalid Yubani have any redeemable traits? He sounds like he was wronged as well, so it had me wondering.


    1. Mmmm that''s probably one for Ian. hey Ian!! help us out here!

    2. Hi Anas, Yes, but I've found lots of men read non-fiction, work stuff, and sci-fi/fantasy. I don't mean to generalise by that, just that it would be great to have men reading more thrillers, like No Remorse!!
      Khalid's first love was stoned to death, but I won't say more than that. Redeemable traits? Mmm, he's a little egocentric, so while he is loyal to his family, that loyalty requires submission to his will. He saved his sister from a wrongful accusation of adultery, and believes that the Muslim requirement for women to be covered up is a plot by mullahs to keep women in their place. But all revolves around Khalid's own desires, really.
      I hope I haven't given too much away here. Cheers, Ian

  6. Hey, a stonking good read is a rare enough thing these days! Congratulations on the release...


    1. did you get a chance to check it out. i always review the novels I host which is great fun. i have to confess to liking an easy read. what about you anon??

    2. Thanks vitajex, I confess I'd never heard the word stonking before this blog. Must be a UK term. I'll try to use it in my next book!
      Thanks for your kind words.

  7. I loved the review and the excerpt from the book. It really sounds exciting, like a book you can't put down.

    1. As I say I think that book demographics are often wrong. Both sexes love actioners. Are you going to check it out. Are you on kindle as well? Dec

    2. Hi MomJane, Thanks for your comments. It is literally a page turner, as you'll see from the reviews on Amazon. Unless you're on Kindle, and then it's a page clicker I guess. Certainly, No Remorse appeals to both men and women, I have found. I hope you get a chance to read it, and add your comments to the online reviews. Cheers, Ian.

  8. "A stonking good read"? I love it! Ian Fleming is definitely NOT politically correct. He was writing in a different era.

    Ian...Who would you envision playing Mac and Khalid on the big screen?

    1. i think Ian is in Australia so he is probably asleep. hehehe. Hopefully he'll see this when he gets up.

  9. Hi Catherine,
    I'm awake!
    One of my readers suggested Jason Statham as Mac. Other possibilities could be Paul Walker, Eric Bana, Aaron Eckhart...? Khalid - again Eric Bana would be good, or Ralph Fiennes? And Tally, the female lead, someone like Sienna Miller or Kate Beckinsdale?
    Thanks for commenting,
    Cheers, Ian.

  10. What would you like to write next, any particular genre/topic that you like and would love to write about?


  11. Hi Lyra
    My second book is a suspense crime thriller, set in Queensland, and it will be more character driven. I also have plans for an historical thriller set in Australia in about 1812.
    With Fifty Shades of Grey doing so well, maybe I'll switch to erotica ;-)
    My middle name is James. So I'll write as I. James. Book title will be 69 Shades of Black.

  12. NO REMORSE does look like a good read. I appreciate the review thank you.