Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Super Savvy Me

Today is one of reflection. I decided to be myself not some pushy salesman because ultimately I am a writer. so what the heck am I writing for. The last four months has been a whirlwind of activity, sell, sell, sell and reach sales targets, figures etc etc. Then I remembered why I had done this in the first place. I have always written since I was a kid. I write because I enjoy it and because I write what I want to read. I have two fantasies I have been writing for years. Writing for publishing purposes came about because my writing partner and I came up with the idea for a graphic novel that we wrote with Cammi Adams. We decided that we had no idea how to make a graphic novel as we were not artists, so as a weird segway we decided to write screenplays and that is how Nightingale Vale started, because I love movies that are like the stories I write, low brow killer thrillers, agatha type mysteries, comedy, gags. The block plan was to get out the graph and the fantasies. Then I discovered self publishing. I knew I would never finish the graph or the fantasies for ages, so adapted Nightingale Vale. to our surprise we staye d on the kindle charts on and off for four months. I have never seen myself as anything other than a person who likes writing what they want to read. Suddenly I am writng like it is some sort of training, like I am in a military academy with a drill Seargeant telling me i have to write like this, write for this demographic, satisfy my public, satisfy my peers. Get 50 good reviews etc etc etc. F**k it, I WRITE FOR FUN. Because I like the movies I run in my head. I am not interested in the money per se. So here we go. I write what I want to read. when I get time I will finish my fantasies, I will finish the graph when I can figure put how to produce one and that is that! I am not in training I am getting back to me. I am having fun and for me that is what it is about. We have loyal fans and we love them and they like us because we are ourselves. Dec

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