Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sellingon Amazon

LinkedIn Groups Group: Books and Writers Discussion: What's the best way for writers to promote themselves? I wrote a self help ebook a while back and posed it, it's easy to sell on amazon, go to kindle direct and upload your book and you can give your book out at the library for free, and amazon pays you to do this. I have all 3 of my books on kindle direct, they will advertise your book for you. if you want to post to social sites join for free It's easy to advertise your book on social sites upload and join the social sites listed, about 102 of them. then just list your book's url or your blog url and you will get plenty of people to your blog , I write scifi sundays with the hipriestess, and get plenty of people to my blog where I have an amazon widget with all of my books listed. Posted by donna" I think this says,it in a nutshell thank you Donna.

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