Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Psychological Thrillers slasher, suspense or plain weird

Were into psychological thrillers here, the creeping sensation that visits you when you the reader know what is coming but the hero hasn't the slightest clue. You want to shout out and tell them, but then find your not entirely sure where the protagonist is coming from. Less gore but more thrills.

Yet others like slashers and we have debated with ourselves do we add more or less gore into a novel, it is a judgement call.

Plain weird, we like weird which is why in Nightingale Vale creating characters who were unpredictable and downright bizarre was a feature of the book. The idea that no one is who you think they are.

But we write books for an audience. If you have read Night Vale or are about to read it or just have a view we would love to know what turns you on so we can put more of it in our forthcoming series. That is if we don't scare ourselves witless first.

Interested in debating the merits of the psycho thriller and what readers and writers want out of a good one. WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW!

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